Sunday, December 20, 2009

Movie reviews and other fun

Went to go see Avatar yesterday. It was a long and wonderful movie. The effects were eye-popping. For a 2.5 hour movie it moved real quickly. Do not get up from your seats. The only regret I had was that I spent the extra 2 bucks for the 3 D. There were only a few times where 3 D was worth the glasses. Save your bucks and watch it in 2D, you will still enjoy it just as much. I read several reviews of the film and I found that not a single one got to the essence of the movie.

Let's see, a military man, goes to live anoung the noble savages and finds out that their connection to the land is much, much more than his brain-dead officers.

That's right, this is ...


That is why some of the critics thought that the story was worn. Duhhhhh!

Time to hang with the family and open presents with the in-laws. Later.