Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally I understand something!!!!

While the title might sound like an unholy admission my wife might get out of me under the threat of bamboo shoots or (worse) an extended chick flick marathon, it is quite simple.....


I originally thought that it was because everyone needs comedy relief in their work day. President Bush could provide that just by mangling the English language during his pronouncements. At least Cheney provided the comfort that there might be a real person behind the curtain.

However, President Obama, wanting to do things differently from the former president at all times, seemed to think that the court jester was better placed one step down from the president; back to its rightful role. Now I am not so sure, however.

I think that he has subscribed to the philosophy that he needed to surround himself with an incompetent idiot so that he can look even cooler by comparison. This can be the only thing that makes any sense in Biden's statements about the swine flu and not riding the subway or a plane, or shutting down schools.

It is kinda like watching a brain dead zombie and wondering how he even gets up and breathes in the morning.