Sunday, December 20, 2009

Movie reviews and other fun

Went to go see Avatar yesterday. It was a long and wonderful movie. The effects were eye-popping. For a 2.5 hour movie it moved real quickly. Do not get up from your seats. The only regret I had was that I spent the extra 2 bucks for the 3 D. There were only a few times where 3 D was worth the glasses. Save your bucks and watch it in 2D, you will still enjoy it just as much. I read several reviews of the film and I found that not a single one got to the essence of the movie.

Let's see, a military man, goes to live anoung the noble savages and finds out that their connection to the land is much, much more than his brain-dead officers.

That's right, this is ...


That is why some of the critics thought that the story was worn. Duhhhhh!

Time to hang with the family and open presents with the in-laws. Later.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello all

Here we are, at Christmas in GA. Man, is it cold. I think the temperature almost reached 50 last night. A few more nights of this and I will actually have to turn on the heat.

Just a few notes of things to observe about the world:

1) I like Tiger Woods and think he is a wonderful golfer. I think think the only thing I have bought that he has advertised is Gatorade. I liked it long before he was the spokesman. People seem far too surprised to think he might actually have problems and sins. Leave him alone and don't buy his stuff if you don't like what he has done. Even better, just ignore him. He will become irrelevant. People just seem to want to pry into his life just to see if he can be as miserable as they are.

2) Time for the hyper rant. I personally never cared about the BCS system. This year changed my perception. TCU should have been 3rd and played the loser of the SEC title game. How Cincinnati jumped over them with that weak performance is beyond me. There have been several years that a performance like that would have caused a top level team to drop down, because the defense was poor. A team would also drop if they could not run up the score on their opponents. Texas looked horrible against and unranked team. Yes, I know it is all about the money. Yes, it all about the boosters, alumni, TV ratings etc. After all, none of this could be about the play on the field. I do not harbor the illusion that TCU is the best team in the country, I do not think that Florida could not beat TCU or that a TCU/Cincinnati game would be good if not great. But good grief, the only reason that they put Boise and TCU together again is to keep the pundits looking stupid and to keep the other conferences from looking overrated.